Monday, December 5, 2011

The Big Event

asks us to consider an Event


Christmas used to be The Big Event,
Something actually heaven-sent.
The peasants, starving, frequently,
Found the festive jollity
Wonderful  and so exciting.
Once a year they were delighting
In some truly sumptuous food,
So there was an ecstatic mood.
They were allowed to eat their fill,
And they went at it with a will.
Religion played a vital part;
The Christ Child's birth touched every heart.
People back then knew what was meant
When they spoke of a truly Big Event.
But we, of this self-indulgent age,
Almost daily feast and 'rage'.
Over-eating is the norm;
We're entertained, we're safe and warm.
(Of course, my reader must realise
That, with this view, I generalise.)
Why! Even eighty years ago
A chicken was luxury! I should know!
And Big Events come thick and fast;
Scarcely a single day goes past
Without some 'festival of note',
Some reason to 'push-out the boat'!
And every night, on our TV,
We witness high-jinks jollity.
When life is, daily, safe and pleasant
Can we know the joy of a simple peasant?


Such controversy there has been
About the Yellow Submarine.
The Beatles all along have said
That nothing dubious should be read
Into the title! Even so,
These gentlemen of long ago
Took drugs; there is no doubt at all.
With their money they had the wherewithal.
They wrote the song for kids, they vowed;
And of its purity they were proud.
It seems that, after the song found fame
Drug-makers pounced upon the name,
Producing capsules yellow-toned,
'Submarines' for getting stoned!
I know it happened long ago,
But I thought you aught to know!


Brian Miller said...

i agree that the day has lost much of its significance in the grand scheme of things...get get get..but we consume daily...perhaps though it forces us together at least once a year...whether we like it or not...smiles.

happy tt!

Kodjo Deynoo said...

I agree as well, it is all very commercial now, and politics has even dared to change what name we call it. I enjoyed reading your poem

Mrsupole said...

I am not sure when things changed but I personally think it started when we began to worship "stuff" in place of God. When we started to expect everything to be given to us instead of working to earn it. No appreciation for so many things and thus no appreciation for events of the past.

Who knows when we will again appreciate having a chicken as a luxury. I hope that time comes soon.

Great poem to make us think. Also a good story about the Yellow Submarine. Very interesting.

Thanks for playing in this weeks TT.

God bless.

Jinksy said...

Hey, what's with taking my name in vain? LOL *smiles*

Raivenne said...

Well stated. I lament each year on how the true spirit of the holidays falls ore and more by the wayside. It often feels the only reason some members my family show up is to receive or show off what they've been given. Let's not even touch the x-mas vs Christmas debate.

Well penned.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

great sentiments shared, smiles.

Kris McCracken said...

Less tinsel and more psychedelic cartoons at X-mas, that's what I always say!