Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where Art Thou Muse?




The words in blue are the first words of a Shakespeare sonnet. My apologies, Bill!


Where art thou Muse?
I pay my dues
And yet thou dost desert me!
I sit to write
By candle-light.
Dost thou intend to hurt me?

Where art thou Muse?
Thou dost abuse
The faith I have put in you!
That tasty phrase!
That hymn of praise!
What can I do to win you?

Where art thou Muse?
The words I choose
Seem dull and uninspiring!
My poor old brain
Is under strain!
I tell you! It's quite tiring!

Where art thou Muse?
Please give some clues
Or I may well go under!
Some good bon mots!
Some ebb and flow!
Thou tearest my soul assunder!

Where art thou Muse?
Please light my fuse!
My little flame is sputtering!
My paltry words
Are for the birds!
I'm just left sitting muttering!

Where art thou Muse?
I win or loose
According to thy fancy!
This writing lark
Requires thy spark!
The whole thing's very chancy!

Where art thou Muse?
As I peruse
This sheet of pristine paper,
I feel inclined
To change my mind
And reject this writing caper!

Where art thou Muse?
In ones and twos
My words come dull and faltering!
My poor heart aches
Each time mistakes
Need scratching-out and altering.

Where art thou Muse?
I bleed and bruise
And I'm beset by sorrow!
I'm inclined to guess
I'll do more memes tomorrow!


(An Acrostic)

Unless we all can live as one
No ravages can be undone.
If we cannot be united,
The wrongs we've done cannot be righted!
Every nation must pull its weight
Determining our future fate.
No 'Committee' can be perfection;
At least we can aim in the right direction.
This world just cannot stay fragmented;
Its present state must be lamented.
Outwardly we're not the same;
Name doesn't correspond with name.
Skins may differ, but not hearts!
Let's make a sum of our different parts!


keiths ramblings said...

You never cease to amaze me! No sooner have I put the finishing touches to Carry On Tuesday your contribution pops up! And it's a delight. Thaks so much for your loyal support. Keith.

Whitesnake said...

always a pleasure to read........

Kerry O'Connor said...


A well-deserved round of applause for this delightful rhyme, written with humour and aplomb. The muse has decidedly not forsaken you.

Much enjoyed!!


Mary said...

Well written...and yes, I am sure you will do more memes tomorrow. LOL.

Maureen said...

I enjoyed reading your poem. You did a great job at rhyming. I imagine this would be a lot of fun to read aloud.

OMJ said...

You had me at, "Dost thou intend to hurt me?" Very fun!!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...
It is Monday again, I sincerely invite you to join us for a Monday Poetry Potluck party, bring in 1 to 3 poem treats to share via the link on the top! You could use an old poem.

you are productive and highly talented, thanks for the support.
welcome in.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh that last stanza especially delights me... love love love your words today!


Look Under the Leaves... (or my search for the muse)

nara malone said...

Your words really show the struggle that goes along with bring your art to the page. Great job.

Kat said...

You should have been requested by UN for their Public Relations.

Wonderful poem and a clarion call.

True, blood is red in everyone and we need to all sum ourselves up.

Flying Monkey said...

Love the Muse poem. So much fun to read and I agree that it probably sounds even better when read aloud. Well done.