Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unleash the Book Within!


Prompt word 'unleash'.


'Unleash the Book Within'!
Now what could be more stirring?
The title takes it's aim
And that aim is quite unerring.
'That book' is right there in the mind,
Just there to be let-out;
The hounds are straining at the leash,
Only kept in check by doubt!
'I'll start tomorrow', 'Knock on wood!',
'I know I'm going to fail!';
'Who do you think you are, my dear?',
'My ideas may be stale'.
The hounds may yap still louder
Or else they may fall dumb;
The mind may sing with feeling
Or else it may lie numb.
Until we unleash those pesky words
And watch them as they go,
We'll never see if they can run;
 We'll never, never know.......



I am not a bit clairvoyant!
Fortune-telling's not my line.
But when I see this beach at Manly
I can read a certain sign!
People lazing in the sunshine
On a lovely balmy day,
Think the storm-clouds may pass-over,
Think that they will blow away.
But I know (alright it's hindsight)
That they'll soon be soaking wet,
Running from the beach in frenzy,
In a storm they won't forget!
Lovely colours, turquoise ocean,
Clouds a glorious purple-blue,
But I know what's due to happen!
I was there! I got wet too!


Diane T said...

Until you release those pesky words... have you written a novel yet? Very creative!

Anonymous said...

Release the words!!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, your unleashed poem has the air of a book shouting to be let out of your mind! Go for it.

And I liked the unexpected wetting on the beach!

Out on the prairie said...

A favorite going through your blog. It was a nice visit.

Amity said...

wonderful !