Sunday, October 17, 2010



When I left the factory, painted a bright yellow,
I thought myself to be quite plain, a very boring fellow.
I saw vans and trucks on High Street, with emblems on their sides,
Taking burly working-men for very important rides.
There were plumbers, gardeners, tilers too, and even a few vets,
Whose vehicles were painted with such dinky little pets.
The colours were so vivid, the emblems were so bright,
That my plain yellow body seemed to look an awful sight.
How I yearned for decoration, just a little, on the side!
I pulled-in here, beneath the trees and hung my head and cried.
And, all at once, I saw them, the patterns etched in black
Along my bonnet and my side, reaching almost to the back!
Look! There's a little horse painted on my side!
He looks very lively! Almost good enough to ride!
Just for one brief moment, I felt I'd made the grade,
With shapes (I'm sure I see a horse) so charmingly displayed.
But he'll return and turn the key. My illusion will be destroyed.
If he parks here tomorrow, I'll be overjoyed.



I'm grateful that when we came from the trees,
There was a certain element of cost.
One little bone remaining
As our jungle life was waning,
Reminded us of tails that we had lost.

Imagine if they hadn't disappeared!
And our tails were still in evidence today!
Our energy would flag
As we had to drape and drag
While the wretched thing kept getting in the way!

All designer clothes would need an aperture
Where the tail in all its glory could be seen!
Would we deck it out with bows
Maybe rows and rows and rows,
To enhance its perfect symmetry and sheen?

And insurance! There's another awful thought!
If we tripped each other up who then would pay?
We'd have to come to grips
With those tail-gating trips
As we found tails always getting in the way.

And tails would get so soggy in the rain
As they dragged in puddles as we walked along.
Each one would look a freak,
No more elegant and sleek,
The whole effect would be completely wrong!

I guess we might like hanging from the trees
A miniscule advantage, seems to me.
We might just hang and chat
Talking of this and that
But headaches might prevent verbosity.

A tail would be a hindrance, not a help.
The thought of it is absolutely hateful.
Evolution did us proud,
So now I say out loud
"I haven't got a tail and I am grateful!"


lynda Howells said...

not sure l would want this colour car but the shadows are very interseting! lynda

Sylvia K said...

Fun words and a fun shadow shot for the day! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend, Brenda!


A Wild Thing said...

I love the thought of the car being stenciled by shadow...and it is! Cool color too!!!

Unknown said...

Brilliant shot and verse. And I did see a little horse on the side.

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful shadows, Brenda. I see the horse, too, and I think it's an adorable car. I'm all for brilliant yellows and vivid greens that are easy for other drivers to see.

Kay, Alberta

Beverley Baird said...

Got a chuckle from your first poem! Love the car/the shadows on it and how you capture the moment in wirds!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

A wonderful post and a great shadow photo - I too saw a wee horse on the side. I am awed with your art of words.

EG CameraGirl said...

Ah, you made me smile again! Not too many poets can think and dream like a car. :) And I have to admit, I've never though about the prob;ems of having a tail.