Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sorry, Wordsworth!


I wandered lonely, as a cloud,
A puff-ball in the sky,
Feeling left-out by the crowd,
Dispirited and shy.
The sky around was vacant blue,
No other soul was near,
I thought 'To thine own self be true',
But I didn't feel sincere.
I blew this way and then blew that
But the people on the ground
Didn't feel I was worth looking at;
So I just blew around.
Finally, I was overcome
By the pathos of my fate.
A lonely life without a chum
I could not contemplate.
And so I cried enormous tears
I simply couldn't stop!
Even I, with my whispy ears,
Could hear them go plop, plop!
A human being down below,
Felt a tear fall on his head,
But all I heard was a gruff  'Oh no!
It's raining again!' he said!
Reality dawned! I couldn't win!
I was incapacitated!
I felt myself growing weak and thin.....
Then I just evaporated.


Oh Common Prawn! How dare they say
That thou art common? 'Fie!' I say!
Look at thy patterned camouflage!
Surely some Painter was in charge
To fashion curlicues and marks
In glorious verdant lights and darks!
Look at thine eye, so knowing, bright,
With watery wanderers in sight.
Look at thy whiskers! How they flaunt
Feeling each moist and murky haunt!
Look at thy tail! Thy jaunty steerage!
Common? Thou should'st be in the Peerage!
See how thou hoverest at a height
Which thou hast gauged exactly right!
How you tremble, how you dart!
What a work of art thou art!
(Though Aussies often say, it's true,
'Throw another prawn on the barbecue!')


Amity said...

Oh, what a lonely cloud...could do no more but cry...:-) and to man's rejoicing, too!

Yes, prawn, thou art a work of art, God's beautiful crafted art!

Geraldine said...

An interesting journey with this prompt.

Margaret Gosden said...

I feel you enjoyed writing that one about the prawn - something about the wonder in the words you used!
Only to throw it away at the of your surprise endings!

Teresa said...

What a shame the poor cloud feels so lonely. Very nice poetry.

Kat said...

A real Brenda style...!

If wordsworth saw a half filed glass in his daffodils poem, you see the half empty glass with the lonely cloud.

And in the common prawn, you were able to see the uncommon prawn!!!

Sherri B. said...

Lovely and clever, two times over!

gautami tripathy said...

A pleasure to read both!

dad, farther and farther away

Reflections said...

From lonely to tears to evaporation, so is the life cycle of the cloud.

Nicely done.

Patti said...

Loved those!!! Great perspective with the cloud poem~~~ And LOVE the picture!!!