Sunday, October 3, 2010




'To Rejoice'......To enjoy again
The bliss that is the support of thin air;
The bliss that is the security of upstretched hands.



I'm not sure about Climate Change.
That it's happening, I don't doubt,
But it may be a natural phenomenon;
I'm unable to work that out.
But I do know Australia has coal
And I do know it earns us cash,
And I do know that it's a pollutant,
So burning it is rash.
And I do know my heart sinks slightly
When I see the ships going by,
On their way to be loaded with 'black gold',
Outlined on the bright blue sky.
Let's admit we're exporting pollution,
To cloud in another's air.
Earning money's expedient
But it isn't really fair.
So when I read of a method
Of burning coal underground
And merely exporting the gases
I'm glad such a method's been found.
It may be years in coming,
Innovations are often slow,
But wouldn't it be fabulous
To keep the 'nasties' down below!


anemonen said...

Lovely photo! She seems to enjoy the ride.

Teresa said...

I haven't heard about the new technology you are talking about, but I do agree it's great if we can find more green technologies.

Margaret Gosden said...

If it is not coal it is something else, somewhere else!
Someone in the world will take care of it sooner or later, someone with the desire to work at it! It is nature's way and that includes all of us - we each do what we can do, and your writing about it is part of the slow, slow, process of evolution. Look how long it took mankind to walk on two legs instead of four!

Bing Yap said...

the image was brought to life by your lovely words. what a beautiful piece!

you hit the nail on climate change with your poem on the use of coal. you are right. it's not just about the money. not anymore.

Rejoice (Haiku)

Kat said...

The laughter reveals the trust of the kid believing in "the security of upstretched hands"

I am going to keep my fingers crossed for some report to later come in that Mother Earth is now polluted because of the combustion of all the nasties, deep below..!!!!! :-)))))