Sunday, October 31, 2010



The words in blue are the first words of Daphne du Maurier's 'Rebecca' *


'Last night I dreamt......' now there's a phrase
That I use very rarely.
You see, I hardly ever dream
So Life's treated me unfairly!
Of course, I dream or so I'm told,
But I just have no recall.
Where others see a mural,
I have a blank black wall!
Friends tell me of romantic nights
In the arms of famous stars!
Or they drive to exotic places
In expensive motor-cars!
Or they're six again, or ten, or three,
Or even twenty-one!
Or, in their dreams, they play tennis,
Or swim, or vault or run!
As soon as my head hits the pillow
The velvet curtain falls.
No time to even read a book
Or gaze at my four walls.
In a second it's tomorrow
And the sun is shining brightly!
This is the story of my life
And it's repeated nightly!
So I have no adventures,
And nothing at all that's mystic!
All is terribly here and now
And utterly realistic!
I've had a couple of nightmares
The result of indigestion!
But I didn't care for those at all!
Utterly out of the question!
Am I grateful for my dreamless sleep?
In a way it's quite a boon,
But I have to say that morning
Often arrives too soon!
And I have to say I feel cheated
Out of all the sounds and sights
That inhabit the dreams of the dreamers
During wild and colourful nights!
What if I wrote a novel
And the opening line should be
'Last night I never dreamt at all.....
Not even of Manderley!'
*Note: this book is the reason I have a daughter called Rebecca! It was only later I realised I'd given her the name of the villain!



Oh the romance of it! I could weep
When I see this gorgeous Lover's Leap!
Weep with joy that such emotion
Such desire and such devotion
Could lead to gymnastics such as this;
All, maybe, for one brief kiss!
I never inspired a man or boy
To demonstrate this; a jump for joy.
I was lucky if they shuffled,
If their romantic words were muffled,
If they seemed a bit half-hearted
When romance (with a small 'r') started.
I was grateful for a peck,
Though I hoped for pearls around my neck!
But dangerous thoughts stopped me from sleeping;
Dreams of young men wildly leaping!
They never did, but I'm consoled
By the fact that not all this tale is told.....
When she's frowsty, lined and plump,
Will he still jump when she says 'Jump!'


Gemma Wiseman said...

Ahhh The bitey spark of fun lingers on! I was wondering what you would do with Keith's dreamy prompt. I just knew there would be some twist! And I was not disappointed! Especially love the nightmares born of indigestion!

The "leap of love" poem is a fun adventure into reality down the track!

George S Batty said...

I think you are lucky not to dream.
I have them every night and often wonder what they are all about. some are fun some are confusing but the problem is that they never have an ending. They are just a bunch of unfihished stories floating in my head. sort of like my writing.

Whitesnake said...

Ain't all kids Villans.......?

omj said...

Love the last line in Manderley. The second one made me smile! Enjoyed them both!