Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just In Case

                                    Margaret Gosden



A friend of mine
Whose work is fine
Published this shot one day.
An invisible breeze
Meant that pegs like these
Had to stop things flying away!
You can feel the blow,
Bustling to and fro,
Umbrellas taking the strain,
While the pegs take a trip
Keeping up their grip
And hoping it doesn't rain.
I hope this proves
A still photo moves
When shot in a certain way.
How dull it would be
If the scene we see
Were shot on a still, clear day!

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View the lake when on the land;
Sameness spreads on every hand.
A brilliant hue but almost bland,
So unrevealing.
View the lake from up on high!
See reflections of the sky,
Even clouds that are passing by!
Much more appealing!

How many colours can you see
From this aloft reality?
Three? Or maybe fifty-three?
All hidden treasure!
Ancient man never saw this sight;
Only birds in their soaring flight,
Saw the shallows picked-out, bright.
What a modern pleasure!


Jama said...

This is so perfect for color carnival!

Carolyn Ford said...

I LOVE the colorful umbrella all puffed out from the breeze! And, the shoreline is something very, what a view!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

love the blue color.
well done.

Margaret Gosden said...

Thank you Brenda! Those street artists have a tough time on such days, picturesque as it looks. The weather is now turning chilly and the artists will be
gone, thanks to a judge's ruling against allowing artists to sell their work in parks to tourists. That's New York for you today.