Friday, October 15, 2010



Posing for visitors.
Pirouetting against the azure sky.
Australia personified.


I love myself, I must admit;
I'm happy inside my head,
And I really hate the awful thought
That, one day, I'll be dead!
I didn't always love myself.
I remember, as a teen,
I felt one was no good at all
If one wasn't a Beauty Queen.
And I was plumpish, rather short,
Bespectacled to boot,
And every other girl at school
Seemed so petite and cute.
Not that 'cute' was a word we used
Way back in '49,
Never mind, I knew that I
Wouldn't get a Valentine.
One evening, on a well-lit bus,
When all was dark outside,
I studied my reflection,
And very nearly cried.
'I'm stuck with it' I muttered;
'It'll always be the same!'
My face would always be that way!
There was nobody to blame.
And then a thought occurred to me;
This need not be the end.
I might not be a Beauty Queen
But I could still pretend!
I could pretend I liked myself,
And no-one else would know
That my thrown-together features
Had brought me down so low.
I'd smile at everyone I met
And they would be deceived;
I'd tell the world I liked myself
And I would be believed!
I stood up, then, to leave the bus
And I saw, across the aisle,
A lone boy sitting by himself
And I flashed him my first smile!
It took some time to learn the art,
The unselfconscious knack,
But life took on a different hue
The moment he smiled back!
And the most amazing thing of all
Is although I was pretending,
This little story from my life
Has a very happy ending.
Because, while fooling others,
I tricked my simple mind,
When I looked into the mirror
I saw that Love is blind.
The face, of course, remained the same,
That couldn't be denied,
But suddenly I found that I
Was on that person's side!
I loved her, and I loved the world,
More, minute upon minute,
And I could take the whole world on
And everybody in it!
It doesn't always work, of course,
Sometimes I face the truth,
That I am really rather plain
As I was in my youth.
But it doesn't matter anymore,
My trick has seen me through.
Kid yourself you love yourself
And you'll see what it can do.

5 comments: said...

I don't believe someone with so much talent could be plain at all, & I love your poem.
Beautiful sky!

Darlene said...

This poem holds a great truth. We must love ourselves before others can love us.

I think this poem should be in every psychology book.

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, a great sky shot through,no doubt, an Australian proud to be species of tree!

Lois Evensen said...


I left something for you on my blog today. ;)


Lisa said...

Wonderful poems loved the photos, great site. Thanks for sharing.