Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bon Voyage!

supplied the illustration


It was just before the old man died......
'Open the window! Open it wide!'
His breath was shallow, his voice was weak,
But everybody heard him speak.
A look of joy suffused his face
As he gazed, intent, at the open space.
He lay there, smiling a gentle smile
As his family waited for a while.
'Oh look! There I am! The sun is so bright!
Look at me! I'm flying my kite!
And, goodness gracious, there are the trees
From which I'd fall to scrape my knees!
Oh no! They're the trees where I once strolled
With Mary. have and hold.
And look! Look up! There's Joe!
I used to hold him up just so!
I'd toss him up towards the sky
And all he could say was 'Dada! I fly!'
That sky! It has the blue of Spain!
We travelled by car, by boat, by train!
Those trees are in our garden too!
I planted them when they were new!
They're like the ones under which our Joe
Married Elise! So long ago!
Then along came Archie! His big blue eyes
Were just the colour of those bright skies!
A grandson to love, to tend, to teach!
Blue, blue days on the golden beach!
And look!............. ' They heard his voice just cease.
Over his face spread a look of peace.
But one final phrase they heard him say....
'Thanks for a lovely holiday'.



Oh that quirky DNA!
It works in a peculiar way!
I've always loved to tread the boards
(Though never winning fat awards!)
My two children would rather die
Than act! They say they'd feel too shy.
Yet here's my cousin's daughter, Ruth,
'A chip off the old block'! That's the truth!
Here she's a drunk! (Putting on an act.
We're a sober family; that's a fact!)
Britain's rather too far to go,
Or else I'd have paid to see the show.
Although Ruth's certainly not a daughter
Doesn't it prove blood's thicker than water!


Paul Andrew Russell said...

A very nice couple of pieces, Brenda. I really enjoyed the first one. :-)

Mary said...

As always, this poem has your own very unique style...and, of course, humor.

Uma Anandane said...

Was a touching poem magpie..enjoyed reading the two poems!

Tess Kincaid said...

That pesky DNA! Great Magpies, Brenda.

Diane T said...

You always rhyme, that is your style and you are SO GOOD at it, Brenda!

Berowne said...

Evocative, moving...

indiwriter said...

Enjoyed your Magpie.. an engaging poem..

Martin said...

Brilliant take on the prompt.

paysan said...

Some great work there Brenda, I really enjoyed the two pieces...

Tumblewords: said...

Absolutely terrific - a great gift and surely the DNA wins...

Unknown said...

So beautiful Brenda...a celebration

Kristen Haskell said...

Being that I am a little DNA challenged myself, I enjoyed the second one a lot. The first was precious and so peaceful. Lovely writing.

Jinksy said...

You gave us the sad and happy sides of the same coin -life!

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful, Brenda.
I have to give some thought to trying this Magpie idea, because I haven't been able to write for months, even though so much has happened.

Kay, Alberta

chiccoreal said...

Dear Brenda: "Bon voyage" a very poignant poem about a man's found memories of the joys of home. Very touching! "A Quirk At Work" was winsome fun! Enjoy the acting bug too. Did never hear that term "tread the boards"! Is that similar to "walking the plank"? It would depend on how many butterflies in the stomach brought about by stagefright, I suppose! Great imagination and fun!

Kathe W. said...

loved both- especially the first! That's what I imagine happens.

Helen said...

Oh so nicely written ...

kathi harris said...

An excellent bon voyage.

C.M. Jackson said...

amazing! absolutely wonderful journey! great magpie!

Sioux said...

Bon Voyage...A very apt title. I loved that piece. Quite poignant...

Jingle said...

inviting tale.

cheryl said...

Tis so hard to rhyme
in time,

Wonderful poetry Brenda

Reflections said...

Beauty... excitement... peace... through such a difficult time.

Very well written!

joanna said...

Interesting take - both so unique -- the first gave me chills reading it, one can almost image that may be the way it is. a nice thought anyway to be greeted by light love and freedom, that gives the mind peace.

the second, save the money and have them send you a video tape instead..

nice magpies.