Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue Bird



This is how children used to play
In the gadget-less days before today.
Before the twitchings of the thumb
Made all the made-up games seem dumb;
Before the technological age,
When children actually turned a page
To get imagination flying!
Now it comes to them without them trying!
Adventures are presented to them
Even though they misconstrue them.
Goggle-eyed they sit and stare
Curled up, motionless, in a chair!
But Lourie is a Mum who knows
The real adventures are still those
Which come from the individual child
Who is allowed to be quite 'wild'!
To pile up blankets on the floor
And then to jump and then to soar!
Be certain the thoughts that are in his mind
Are not of a technological kind.
What does he think as he flies through air?
Don't ask! That is his own affair!
When he's a man I'm sure he'll say
'I thank a mother who let me play.'

An unashamedly Feminist song that I wrote some years ago.


When Half of the World seeks for Justice,
When Half of the World seeks for Peace
It's absolutely certain that, given time,
The threat of War can cease.

When Half of the world seeks Compassion,
When Half of the world seeks for Light
It's absolutely certain that, given time,
Men will cease to fight.

Our Half of the World has the Numbers,
Our Half of the World has the Power
And it's absolutely certain that, given time
We can have our finest hour.

We can lead the way
Into a brand new day,
For we are
Half of the World.


Lourie said...

I love it! Both actually. I will be putting a link to this in my blog tomorrow! Thanks so much.

Richard said...

As the father of that little boy,
You poem brings me lots of joy.
The mom you speak of in those words
Is my Wife, the great photographer.

You do that much better than I do! Thanks for featuring two of the four people that make my life what it is, most wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I loved both poems! The image of that little boy, gleefully flying... and your description was RIGHT ON. Especially the last, I thank my mom... my daughter is an artist, and she thanks me for not scolding her for scribbling doodles in the margins of her homework! It's true!

And the feminist poem, yes, sad to say, it's true that we do not have the same rights as men, nor the same paycheck... and are horribly underrepresented in Western government, yet we decry the lack of rights of women in the Middle East (as we should). ALL sisters need to stand up for one another: Anglo, Black, Hispanic, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender. We need to get some control over warmongering!

Enough ranting. Good poetry should be provocative, and that yours is, in the best way possible.
Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

Shy said...

Cool, amazing shot! You capture the moment

Pie said...

Love the poem and the photo. It's sad that kids are getting less active because of technology.

MaR said...

Fantastic poems and great action picture!!
Happy Blue Monday.

Donnie said...

You really are a talented poem writer. Thanks for sharing.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful poem and a great action shot! Happy Blue Monday!

SmilingSally said...

Lourie is a smart woman to allow her child to enjoy the simply things.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda! Check out my book giveaways.

LV said...

I am from the days that we made up our own entertainment. No technology back then. I really enjoyed your poem. I also love the cute fellow in blue flying for you.

Nanette said...

Very nice. Love the poems and the picture of the little guy flying through the air. Nice blue bird!

JEANNE said...

I love your post today Rinky. Both poems are awesome. Your son is darling and HOW did you get that great shot? I also love your hubby's comment. He is a keeper.

Hugs, Jeanne

Margaret Gosden said...

We should be there already and I don't know why we are not!