Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blue Barrier


Something's going on behind the barrier
But I've no idea what I must confess!
I peered to see construction,
Or a difficult obstruction,
But I could only make a stab and guess.
Was it put there to delight a passing artist
Who desired a 'colour-wash' to set a scene?
Did it protect the tree,
Which, as far as I could see,
Was wonderfully sturdy and quite green.
Ah well, I'll just accept it as peculiar,
And move off again just wandering on my way.
But my Blog will benefit
From the colour scheme of it,
I needed something blue for my Blue Day.



Coca-Cola is something that most of us have seen,
But did you know that, in the past, it was coloured green!
Mohammed is the favourite name for little boys at birth;
There are more Mohammeds that anyone else on earth!
You've used it when you've chattered; you've used it when you've sung;
The strongest muscle that you've got is the one we call the tongue.
Butterflies taste nectar with the bottoms of their feet;
That's why the insides of their shoes always taste so sweet!
It's been proved that elephants don't know how to jump!
If they could it's certain that they wouldn't be so plump!
So stop looking as puzzled as the fellow at the top!
You can look relieved instead for this is where I

1 comment:

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

what blue barriers.
you think deep,
what a fantastic dig.

Happy Halloween.
Potluck week 8 theme is Halloween, hope to see you in tomorrow evening.