Monday, October 25, 2010

Amazing Grace

The lissom, young and elegant,
Who move with easy grace;
Whose bodies follow music
To a light, unwordly place,
Fill us with joy and tenderness;
They flutter and they rise,
But there's another sort of grace
That fills us with surprise.
It's the grace of the stout lady
When she decides to sway,
With her roly-poly rippling
And her personal ballet!
She looks 'stately a galleon'*
As she moves around the floor,
With an amazing amplitude
And affinity with the score.
African ladies have it,
That billowing-bosomed pleasure
In unselfconscious glory,
Treating plumpness as a treasure. 
Their gracefulness does not depend
On dieting and rigour
Much of it wells up from within;
An almost holy vigour.
I love to see fat ladies dance;
They put a smile upon my face!
May they forever move and sway
With their own delicious grace!
* A phrase from Joyce Grenfell, one of my favourite poets and entertainers.



Today, a visiting beautician
Came to our club on a mighty mission;
To improve the looks of the elderly!
And the make-over model they chose was me!
Now I feel slightly over-done
But the whole experience was fun,
And you must agree the result was magic!
My everyday face looks rather tragic!



Pat said...

I LOVE your amazing grace poem! What talent you have for expressing yourself poetically.

You look beautiful both before and after the makeover. I actually like your healthy glow in the first photo a little better.

Maude Lynn said...

Love both poems! And, you look gorgeous!

Sherri B. said...

Indeed, with dance it all comes from always, I loved your rhythmic poem! And you look beautiful in both your before and after photos, if I do say so myself. :~)

eyeography said...

Dance and sway....
Lovely poems... :)

SandyCarlson said...

You capture the beauty of being ourselves. Love this!

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful poetry...your poems certainly make me smile. I love your discipline in rhyming. And your photos are quite lovely. Thanks for sharing!

Amity said...

Oh Brenda, really a magical transformation...what a grace you now wear!

and to those graceful-plump dancers, I wonder why they dance gracefully, much, much better than the lithe-well-trimmed bodies!

yes, the way they dance bring smiles to me too!

Tammie Lee said...

this is such a wonderful poem!
I have noticed this grace before and it thrills me.

How fun that you got to experience a make over, and that you were happy with the results. I think there is a lovely soft look in the change.

Amanda Moore said...

I thought you looked wonderful wither way!
You poem on Grace was so much fun to read, I hope you don't minds I would like to share it on Facebook it is adorable!

Unknown said...

those who know the secret dance as if no-one is looking :)

Margaret Gosden said...

Lovely! It is a fun thing to do!

gabrielle said...

Amplitude is a wonderful descriptive!

Sounds like the makeover was fun. I love your twinkling eyes, before and after.