Friday, August 6, 2010

Thirteen Happinessings


Happenings bringing Happiness!
And I'm sure there are thirteen;
Those I happen to love and know;
Places where I have been
I'm happy because my family
Has escaped a death by war;
Some too old, and some too young,
Living after or before.
I'm happy because I'm healthy
And, at my age, that's a plus.
The immune systems are terrific
In every one of us.
I'm happy because I have children,
A daughter and a son.
Both of them with families;
We're involved with everyone.
I'm happy because I traveled
Extensively, overseas,
Holidaying and living
In other localities.
I'm happy because I love writing;
My little gift's a pleasure.
The hours of writing for my blog
Are something that I treasure.
I'm happy because of computers.
How they enhance old age!
How I wish they'd been invented
At some much earlier stage!
I'm happy because of Australia,
Which has given me so much.
Sunshine, freedom, democracy,
Environment and such.
I'm happy because of my friendships,
So many through the years!
Some are only memories
But I love my souveniers.
I'm happy because my hair's cut!
A rather odd thing to say!
But now I can simply wash-n'-wear
At any time of day!
I'm happy because I'm a female
In an era when the male
Is not the boss he used to be
And is sometimes known to fail!
I'm happy because I've a husband
And I don't live alone,
I find I'm never lonely
Though my life is still my own.
I'm happy because I recovered
From a bout with the great big 'C'.
Although it was rather traumatic
I'm now healthy as can be.
I'm happy because I'm happy;
I don't stay sad for long.
And sometimes pretending to be cheerful
Helps the day along.
Good Heavens! I could go on and on!
So much to be thankful for!
If the number had been a hundred
You'd have got many more!



Next time you're in some ancient town and a statue looms ahead,
Don't look at the rider, look at the horse instead!
Whether it's king or captain, you can understand his fate
By looking at the horse's legs and the history they state.
If both front legs are in the air, the rider met his end
On the field of battle, on that you can depend.
If one leg only is on the ground the rider died, for sure,
But later, of his dreadful wounds. (Lots of blood and gore!)
If all four hooves are planted right down on the earth instead,
Be sure the rider died at home, quietly, in his bed.
The gentleman we see above was lucky, presumably.
He looks very much like a soldier but one who got off scott-free.
Yesterday was spent with Rebecca and Max. It was bright and sunny. We took Banjo and the scooter down to the netball courts for a run. (Undeterred by the interred!)


brandt! said...

Love your list of 13!! I may have to steal it!!

No I wasn't Sleeping said...

Thanks for a great list. It reminds me that I need to get my haircut, because it is the one thing on the list that I am not happy with.

Unknown said...

What a clever twist to your list.
You have much to be grateful for.
Happy Belated T13!

Americanising Desi said...

i m so happy reading this :D

very very happy :D

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