Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Blowhole

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It blows with a great big 'Oomph!' that startles all who hear it!
And its plume of water drenches anyone who may get near it.
The Blow Hole at Kiama is quite a tourist draw,
And when we were on the South Coast it was something that we saw.
The Aboriginal people knew about it from the start.
Though the Europeans 'discovered' it and thought themselves so smart.
In 1797 George Bass, of Bass Strait fame,
Made a note of the Blow Hole and registered its name.
Charles Jackson made a crossing, in 1889,
On a tightrope! And the Tourists thought this was pretty fine.
Since then it's been a focal point for visitors' satisfaction.
And still the great resounding 'Oomph!' is the Blow Hole's great attraction.

A much more impressive publicity shot!



Thinking of the poor and needy,
I offer you Tomato Bredie.
South Africans originated
This dish, so very highly rated.
My version's simple to a fault,
Add things to make it more your sort.
(Garlic may appeal to you.
Add anything to this simple stew.)
Cook it slowly, that's the trick,
It wont be 'yum' if you're too quick.
Slice 'some' onions, that's the plan,
Then chopped tomatoes from a can.
Add lamb chops, the cheapest kind;
Fatty ones taste good you'll find.
Trim the fat but not the lot;
Fat adds flavour to this pot.
(This last, no doubt, will horrify you;
But wait! A plan; I'll run it by you.)
Pepper, salt, but liquid no;
Wait till the juices start to flow.
Have you a crockpot? Why not use it?
I have one and I always choose it.
Lots of time but not much heat
Makes a Bredie divine to eat.
You will earn a flash diploma
When the house fills with aroma.
Cooked? Then now's the time to chill it.
Put it in the fridge. Don't spill it!
When it's settled, overnight,
The fat will give you quite a fright.
It will lie on top like a sheet of plastic!
Take it off! Underneath's fantastic!
Fat free, ready for the greedy,
A glorious Tomato Bredie!
But, as the adverts say, 'There's More!'
A further tip from my kitchen lore....
After the family's meal is done
Won't you be the clever one!
So much liquid will be remaining!
Don't make the mistake of straining.
Buy a chunky can of soup,
Mix all together to feed your troop.
Cordon Bleu? Well, not precisely.
Fits the bill? Yes, very nicely.


Jim said...

Excellent shots of the blowhole and lighthouse.

Arija said...

I love the Blow Hole. Stood and watched it for a good halt hour with my camera at the ready. Got some nice shots too although the tide was going out.

Great angle on the wave taller than the light house.
The whole park is such a lovely spot to linger for a while.

eileeninmd said...

Cool photos of the blowhole. And I just love the receipe. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! And the recipe in poetry form is a lot of fun...first time I've ever seen that! Very clever...


eden said...

Great shots. I love this place so much.

cat said...

That must be quite the sight and sound :) Lovely pics.

Hootin Anni said...

Simply amazing!!!!

My Wednesday Photo Do stop by if you can!!

Janneke said...

This looks very pretty!

Judy said...

I would love to have features like this within driving distance, but I shall have to settle for photos! Thanks for sharing!!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

It looks like the water is shooting as high as the lighthouse.

I love looking at blowholes. There is one near to Auckland, and almost frightened my son who was 10 then.