Saturday, August 14, 2010

On Picnic Patrol


Triangularly regimented, see them in a line,
Waiting for better weather, when the sun is sure to shine.
Bar Beach is 'the beach next-door', a pleasant stroll away,
Great for a Sunday pastime, while the weather's cool and grey.
But, come the Summer weather, everyone will be competing
For the pleasure of a picnic meal on the shaded seating.


I wonder whether the chart above reflects reality.
I must say, thinking it over, that I'm inclined to agree.
The prison population certainly bears this out;
The prisons are over-run with men, of that there is no doubt.
And Ignoramuses abound among the men I know!
Pass some drunk men in the street and you will find it's so.
And, certainly, nearly all the Saints have been well-and-truly male;
The female ones, by comparison, seem lower down the scale.
As for Genius, undoubtedly the men can claim the most.
Nearly all the names are masculine; no wonder that they boast.
So the males inhabit the high ground, but they also grovel low.
Women are more average; this graphic tells us so.
But let us not feel too ashamed even though this fact is real;
It's the women of the world, my dears, who keep life on an even keel.



Yesterday we traveled down to Sydney to a symphony concert at the Opera House. It was a bright sunny day and  the music of Strauss, Stravinsky and Elgar was enjoyed by all, as was the sumptuous lunch afterwards. The train journey was a little tedious, though, even though it was relieved by chat!

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