Saturday, August 21, 2010

In Passing



Seen in passing on a bright Spring day.
The view of the trees across the way.
The lines on the window causing division,
With almost mathematical precision.
A little nothing, but rather pleasing.
Just in passing I was image-freezing.


Seen at Sharp's Nursery this-morning.

(who likes cats.)

Very superior, very glossy,
A little aloof and probably bossy,
Here you see the Nursery Cat,
Very self-satisfied, almost fat!
She lies on the counter and she purrs,
Among the seedlings and secateurs.
Lying near the office clutter,
As round and smooth and soft as butter.
I stroked her head; she squirmed with delight.
(Probably only being polite!)
She's in a tray; she just fits in.
I she 'Out' or 'In'?


mrsnesbitt said...

What a bright few lines to get me motivated for the day! 10am - time to let the hens out!

geraldgee said...

Heart sank when I saw your title "In Passing"
Dont do it again BB xx

Jo said...

I love your reflection shot, Brenda and LOVE the cat in a basket. What a talented lady you are to churn out the poems without seeming to even "break out in a sweat". I'm trying to get an article written for a South African magazine and have three others on the back burner. But the first one (most important - time wise) won't come out ! I popped over here for some literary inspiration. OK so back to my keyboard. Have a wonderful day. Jo

Al said...

Definitely interesting, with the reflection and the patterns on the glass. The cat is too cute, they can make themselves happy anywhere!

Margaret Gosden said...

Thank you for your poem - if you pet every obliging cat thinking of me I shall be happy!