Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fishing Fleet

Brenda Bryant


Muted, immobile, the fishing boats wait.
The silence shattered by
Creak, splash, bump, rattle..... that maritime background music.


Would they have lingered in our minds
For days and weeks and years;
Would their romance still have the power
To bring us close to tears;
Would we still see their silhouettes
Against a darkening sky;
Would their farewell still be for us
The epitome of 'Goodbye';
Ingrid Bergman had lost her head
And chosen to follow her heart?
If Humphrey Bogart had vowed that they
Could never live apart?
If the Director had changed his mind,
And plumped for a Happy Ending?
If they'd wandered into the sunset
Two lovers forever blending?
If Humphrey Bogart had said 'So long'
Not 'Here's looking at you' and 'Kid'
If anything had been different,
In what they said and did,
We'd have witnessed just one more film-show,
From the dim and distant past.
But 'Casablanca' was magic
And magic will always last.  

1 comment:

J_on_tour said...

I like your comments on the fishing fleet, It's like they've been given souls.