Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heavenly Harbour

                                                                     Gerald Gee

I'm addicted to Gerald's artwork. It resonates with me.
He paints such glorious pictures of the country and the sea.
I am no art critic; I hardly know a thing.
I only know that Gerald's art sometimes make my old heart sing.
I love these subtle colours! I love the reflections too.
I don't need rooves of shiny red or a sea of brillant blue!
I'm going to attempt to print it and put it in a frame!
But I'd like to say a word or two about from whence it came...........
Gerald has had a hard time. He's suffering 'chemo' now.
Sometimes his hand shakes these days (some of you will know just how).
But he has a store of paintings like the one I show above.
Visit Gerald's blog-site! You'll find many things to love!

Leon Darwin-Ego


Of all the folk you meet today
Ninety percent will forget you.
They'll wander on their merry way
Not recalling that they've met you.
Which merely leaves you ten percent,
That's not an awful lot.
They hardly make the slightest dent;
They hardly hit the spot.


Half of ten percent, my dears,
Will find you overbearing;
Your chat will leave them close to tears
And they'll hate the clothes you're wearing.
If you tell a joke they'll move away
With that look that's called 'askance'
While your cheerful chirruping 'G'Day!'
Won't rate a second glance.


Half of ten is only five
Our numbers look quite slim.
Only five percent to like you!
The future's looking grim.
For of those five percent, I fear,
Half are luke-warm at best.
'Oh, she's O.K.' you'll often hear,
So what about the rest?


It's only two-and-a-half percent
Will think you're really great.
With that you'll have to be content,
For that's how well you'll rate!
But those few will show affection,
And be close as a hand in glove,
So keep looking in their direction;
They bring a special brand of love.


Make sure you love yourself, my friends,
For there's noone just like you,
Treasure a love that never ends,
And stick to yourself like glue.
Every day try to savour
A love that has no end.
Be One Hundred Percent in favour
Of yourself, your one Best Friend.


Winter did its worst yesterday!

Imagine this as very cold rain.....almost sleet....with a gale force wind blowing!

Never mind! We went to a talk about caricaturing by my friend, Peter. This is his view of our present Prime Minister, who is in election mode and not doing well in the polls.

There was a good attendance.

He drew this picture of a member of the audience, a keen surfer. I think it's very good.


eileeninmd said...

Wonderful post and what a fun lecture!

Animor said...

Nice photos, like the one with the painting works photo, lovely post of you always.

Chubskulit Rose said...


My Water Wednesday

geraldgee said...

Thankyou BB...What can I say? Never much good with those word things.

Hootin Anni said...

Love the Gerald art poetry too!! Lovely photos. And the class demonstration is super also.

My Wednesday post if about a song in my drop by if you can. Here's the link

Joe Todd said...

Love the poem and post. We are on the downside of summer here in my part of the world and better weather is headed your way

annies home said...

The art work is beautiful, the poem is very interesting. We are in the Middle of our hot season here but before we know it we will be in fall / winter