Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blowin'in the Wind!



She always passed our railings on her way back home from school.
She thought I was an idiot; she thought I was a fool.
Well, that was true! I was a fool whenever she passed by!
Normally I was confident. In her presence I was shy.
Many's the time I'd tried to tell her exactly how I felt,
But she'd look at me with those big eyes and I'd just stand and melt.
'Cat got your tongue?' she used to laugh. Did I tell you she was witty?
And I would simply stand and think ' Belinda! You're so pretty!'
I thought the words but couldn't say them; they just would not be said;
So I blushed, and stood and squirmed and hung my silly head.
One day I got a great idea; I'd write the words on paper!
When she saw them there in black and white the message would not escape her!
I wrote 'BELINDA' large and black, on paper number one;
Then 'I', 'LOVE', 'YOU' and a whole lot more till the message was all done!
With Mother's pegs I fixed them in order on the rail.
Now she would know of my love for her! This time I couldn't fail!
I knew she'd pass my house quite soon, on her way home from school.
She'd love me, too, this time I knew. She'd think that I was cool!
But, suddenly, a gust of wind blew my message in the air!
In the end she married Archie Wicks!
Life simply isn't fair!


Chicken and Asparagus Pie

Two carrots, three onions, some mushrooms,
Cut them up finely and fry
In unsalted butter, five minutes.
Then stir in plain flour, by and by.
Now add milk and then cream, till it's creamy,
Plus seasoning, till it's just right.
Then, lastly, asparagus pieces
And cooked chicken. The size? Say a bite.
Pour the simmering mix in a pie-dish.
When it cools add the pastry on top.
Bake at HOT for about twenty minutes.
And you certainly won't have a flop!


Ingredients: 1/4 pound mushrooms, 3/4 ounce plain flour, 15 fluid ounces milk, 2 Tbspoons cream,
6 ounces canned asparagus, 1lb cooked chicken, puff pastry, egg wash.

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Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for participating in the Just Write Workshop! I love the sing song rhythm and rhyme that you used to capture a childhood crush.