Saturday, August 14, 2010


Leaving Sydney Opera House.

Concert over; patrons out.
Satisfaction? Without a doubt.
See them exit down the stairs
In little groups, in ones, in pairs.
Bodies as far as the eye can see;
Off to get a cup of tea.
'Loved the Enigma Variations'
'Great conductor! What gyrations!'
'Stravinsky? Rather over my head;
Much preferred the Strauss instead.'
'Rather warm in the Concert Hall!'
'Enjoy yourself?' 'I had a ball!'
In our city by the sea
We enjoy our
'Tea and Symphony'!


The grindly witch sat in the slarve,
Scrawning her splintly schemes,
She cordled her fload
Like a randled poad
And messed up all my dreams.
'Oh grindly witch' I grozzled then
'How can you pleft alone?'
Said she 'I'm doomed
To be befloomed!
For the Trant turned me into stone!'

1 comment:

Margaret Gosden said...

It is a long, long time since I listened to the Enigma variations; and I do like Stravinsky! I do remember how you introduced me to Sibelius one weekend in Sussex! Your opera house does look magnificent!