Monday, August 2, 2010

Yellow Peril!

                                           Felice Varini

Cardiff! That's disgraceful! What a mess of paint!
It's enough to try the very patience of a saint.
To think that you'd allow your docks to be so desecrated!
Your authorities will find themselves thoroughly berated!
It's nothing but graffiti! It's a positive disgrace!
How can all those Welshmen stand to contemplate the place!
I'll walk around and look at all the smears and all the mess!
Though I'm sure that it will bring me the reverse of happiness.
But what is this? I've reached a point where every splash combines!
Where all the bits and pieces form concentric curving lines!
Where I can see three circles of ever-decreasing sizes!
Surely this must be the very greatest of surprises.
Only the spot I stand on affords this vantage-point!
In all other positions it's a mess and out of joint!
Perspective-changing art! A name I've never heard before!
But now I want to see some more...and more.... and more.... and more!
Cardiff! You were cleverer than I was at the start.
For you commissioned this entrancing form of modern art!

Isn't this the most romantic shot you've ever seen!
Far surpassing shots of bridal glory!
The honeymoon is over but romance has kept its sheen,
And, day by day, they're living a Love Story.
I saw them at the beach with their delightful little boy,
Who was dabbling in the water, unaware
That his parents were expressing a unique and charming joy;
The world was watching, but they didn't care.
True love does not depend upon 'the wedding' or 'the dress',
Or the photographs bedecked with silver hearts.
This photograph, to me, expresses special happiness,
It's how a romance grows, not how it starts.


Julie said...

I think that maybe all those yellow circles would make me very dizzy, Brenda. An I have a particular affect for all things Welsh!!!

Liz said...

Lots of yellow there. Great take on the theme.

Happy MYM.

Liz @ MLC

Dinah said...

wow, nice mellow yellow!

Mellow Yellow

Kim, USA said...

Oh wow those are interesting. And the 2nd photo is amazing. Happy Monday!

Blueberry Lane

Stephanie V said...

Fascinating - and very clever!