Monday, August 23, 2010

Nonsense Times Ten


Gwilym Williams supplied ten nonsense words. Can you find them?

Once, when out walking, I espied
A flenny noyder by my side!
It was wearing purple kasderoons
And holding a loopig of balloons!
'Oh noyder ! Kindly go away!
Today is my special piuoz day!'
I said to him, in a plinkton tone;
'Can't you see I want to be alone!'
Said the noyder 'Well, it's not my fault
That I've run out of letamalt!
You have a very plosklash face,
More masnerat than human race!
I'm sure you've letamalt to spare
And all I ask is that you should share!'
I took my nedglim from my pocket!
Scared, he shot off like a rocket!


A kookaburra likes to laugh
At everything he sees,
But, mostly, at the kangaroo,
For he has such funny knees!
His front legs are just hanging there
You'd almost say that they were spare,
And yet he doesn't turn a hair
At comments such as these.

His back legs are grotesquely long,
Like two legs joined in one!
They're made of muscle, very strong
For bounding in the sun.
And he enjoys a favourite trick,
Giving an enemy a kick,
Not a good enemy to pick!
A fight would not be fun.

So kookaburra laughs all day
As kookaburras do.
He makes rude comments in this way
And most of them are true.
But he only mocks from on a fence.
A kookaburra isn't dense.
He knows it makes a lot of sense
To laugh...... then fly away!


Doctor FTSE said...

This was a lot of fun!

Jinksy said...

Lovely ten word offering, BB! lol :)