Sunday, August 22, 2010

Contemplating Candles



Time-travelling on a Birthday! Sensing time passing by.
Other ghostly candles light the way!
Is it only I who see them, the shapes of things to come?
Is it only I who mourn on a happy day?
See, on the table, other candles with a misty glow,
Reflected in the polish as they gleam!
Candles doubled, celebrating a boy who's twice the age!
I see them shining in some distant dream,
They represent a boy who's twice as old as he is now!
At High School, very grown-up, like as not!
He'll be writing his own story then, with little thought of me,
And I can't even start to guess the plot!
Reflecting on reflections in a melancholy way
I join in all the merriment and chaff.
Childhood is brief and rather sad to onlookers like me.
Ah well, there's nothing one can do but laugh.


A nose is a most peculiar thing!
It sits there on your face.
It gets in the way when you try to sing
And it takes up too much space.
It gets blocked up nearly every Spring
And it goes bright red as well.
If it breaks, don't try a sling!
And all it does is smell.
There are two little holes where breath goes in
Right above your lip,
And you can't be blamed
If you feel ashamed
When the silly thing starts to drip, drip, drip.
When the silly thing starts to drip.

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