Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mid-day Shade

                                                Brenda Bryant: Queensland


Beyond the forest lies the sun,
Blazing down like liquid fire,
And the grass is parched while the temperature
Climbs higher, ever higher.
But enter the great cathedral,
Be soothed by the arching trees.
Wander in the shade awhile
Enjoy the cooling breeze.
Rain-forests are so precious
And yet we still destroy them!
Let us preserve them while we may
So that we can still enjoy them


(An Acrostic)

My mind requires a golden key
If I'd relive each memory.
Nothing remains of some past joys!
Deleted! How that fact annoys!
Lazy days on far-flung beaches
Orange-orchards, sun-warmed peaches,
Crazy exploits when a girl.
Kisses that put me in a whirl.
I half-remember, not too clearly;
Names have gone, or very nearly.
Give me that key and I'll recall, in detail, how I had a ball!



We went down to WoyWoy yesterday to see a Williamson play. 'Operator'. I found it slow to start with but the second act was intriguing and more lively.

While we were having lunch I looked out and saw the first touch of Spring! The wattle is in full bloom everywhere.

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