Saturday, August 7, 2010



Sunshine isn't needed when reflection is the aim.
Things keep on reflecting in wet weather just the same.
Even on the dullest day, when rain is sheeting down,
Blotting out the scenery and puddling the town,
We see reflections on the ground with just a glimpse of light.
And they'll be gone tomorrow when the sun is bold and bright.



Three elderly men in the park one day
Were engrossed in the subject of death,
They discussed how they hoped they would be recalled
When each took his final breath.
'Let's picture the scene in the church' said John
'With our relatives standing by;
What do we hope they'll say of us
As they bow their heads and cry?
When they look down at us lying there,
When our spirits have flown away.
I wonder what their words will be.
What would we like them to say?
For myself, I hope they'll call me good,
A man who's been mild and kind;
I hope they'll say I've been scholarly
With an ever-eager mind.
What about you, Sam?' he went on,
What do you hope they'll say,
All your family members
On that sad and fateful day?'
'I hope that they'll say I've been strong-willed,
A good fellow in a jam.
I hope that they'll say they'll miss me,
Miss me a lot' said Sam.
'Now it's your turn Fred, said the other two;
'Don't look so disapproving!'
Said Fred 'I hope they all shout out


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