Sunday, August 8, 2010



'The bridge is out! The bridge is out!'
Be alerted to this shout!
Cars may tumble in the torrent!
The thought of that is quite abhorrent!
Citizens may sink and drown
Because the bridge has tumbled down!
Such great problems will arise!
The town is cut-off from supplies!
Soon we'll see a sea of mud
Where the river's caused a flood.
Bits of bridge are floating past!
The river's rising, rising fast!
This is a tragic situation!
We dare not stand in contemplation!
Run! Run! We dare not linger!
Worst of all.........I've cut my finger!



Making my way gingerly,
Camera in my hand,
Wondering how to place my feet,
Wobbling as I stand.....
I can't resist the limpid green,
The spume, and sunlight flashing,
While near at hand the great waves roar,
As the ocean comes in, crashing!


It was a lovely day today so I spent part of the morning browsing round the Olive Tree Markets.

Meanwhile poor old Malcolm was still hard at work preparing the beds in the garden. Here he is with two big old roots he dug up. 

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