Friday, August 6, 2010



Somewhere there is a schoolboy.
He has been asked to dissect an angle.
He chews his pencil.
He frowns.
He gazes out of the window.
And there it is!
Not an angle
But definitely a
His mind fills with
Geometric phrases.
Surely it is possible to
Dissect a curve!
Suddenly the words are beautiful.
But not so beautiful that they can
Stop him from reciting
Even more beautiful words.
Such as
And sky;
He fails Geometry.



What is it you find so amusing, dear?
I'm proud of these new shoes!
You say they're not the sort of thing
That you would ever choose!
Well, I must say that I hope not,
Since you are seventy-three!
But let me tell you they feel just right
On an up-to-date chick like me!
Do you remember Doc Martin's,
How they were once the rage?
Now this is the very latest style
For girls about my age.
My ankles are in danger?
I'll twist one, you're convinced?
Look at the high heels you once wore!
Look at the way you minced!
You ask what the big red bobbles
Are doing at the front!
You say they have no earthly use
And they are just a stunt!
Excuse me! They're high fashion!
You haven't got a clue!
My friends all say they're fabulous!
We like anything that's new.
No! They didn't run out of leather
When they left that sort of hole
Right in the middle of my instep!
It's just that type of sole!
Granny! You just don't understand!
You in your ghastly flatties!
A bit of velcro to strap you in!
What a fashion-statement that is!
Come on, Gran, let's face it!
You're Winter; I am Spring!
You may find me amusing
But this is the latest thing!


magiceye said...

loved the image and the verse!

Anzu said...

I hope sky includes his all geometric phrases in anytime and anywhere. ∬´ー`∬

Rajesh said...

Fantastic shot.

tinyskillet said...

Awesome sky photo. Sometimes skies can tell us so much,...except how to pass Geometry!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

My big sister, she couldn't understand what an Right angle was. She didn't understand why sometimes the angle on the left was also called a right angle. needless to say, like your boy in your poem, she failed her geometry.

Beverley Baird said...

Great shot of the sky! Love your poems as well!