Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keep Out!

Dudley N.S.W.



The sign above just seems to shout
'Private Property! Keep Out!'
Athough there are other ways to reach
The sea, the pools, the waves, the beach,
It still seems a little feudal;
We are mongrels to their poodle!
They will have no truck with us....
Folk who've come there on the bus!
Jesus once announced, I'm sure,
'They are always with us'; he meant The Poor.
And so it will be, I know, for ever;
Some will be stupid and some clever;
Some will be rich, some impecunious
(And the latter type is multitudinous!)
Communism hoped to be
A way to human equalty
But ask an impoverished Muscovite
If the system worked alright!
Some people will always have the lot;
The house built in the premier spot.
And they will always erect a sign
Saying 'Keep Out! What's mine is mine!
Thank goodness we're allowed to say
'I'll reach the beach by another way'.

The Saga of a Disappointing Excursion!

Our excursion;
A diversion.
Up at five,
Half alive.
'On your mark!'
In the dark.
Chilly breeze
Round the knees.
On the train.
What a pain.
Concert choice
Choral voice.
Straining throats,
Discord notes!
Not much heart
All too smart.
Off to cruise.
Awful news.
Not booked in!
Couldn't win!
Lunch in caff
Rather 'naff'.
Hours on train
Home again.
Straight to bed
Feeling dead.
Hear us say
'What a day!'


ChrisJ said...

Loved these two poems. You have such an exceptional talent! I like the sentiments of the first poem and the photo for the second.

Margaret Gosden said...

I don't see a poem for the painting, which has great reflections. Has the poet gone awol, here?!

Darlene said...

What a disappointment after traveling so far. I love excursions, but only if they are completed.