Friday, August 20, 2010

Valentine Days

Valentine New South Wales



It was a risk, I suppose, launching off into the blue,
And we were illegal immigrants too!
Well, not exactly, they let us in
Because British passports made us kin!
And, in the seventies, there was less red tape;
It was easy to make our escape.
Well, not exactly an escape I suppose;
It's just that we considered, and chose
To leave South Africa at that time,
While we were both still in our prime.
Apartheid was clearly a thing of the past
And we somehow didn't think peace would last.
And so, with two small children in tow,
We made up our minds that we should go
Somewhere more settled, so that they
Could both grow up in a peaceful way.
We came to Australia. We looked around.
Valentine was the place we found;
The view of the lake was a constant pleasure;
We'd found a life of work and leisure
We never looked back. It suited us fine;
I have happy memories of Valentine.
There are millions of people displaced on earth,
People of value; people of worth.
I wish them all 'happy landings' too!
Let's hope very many dreams come true!


What could link two illustrations as different as these two?
One an ancient painting, the other a modern view?
Both are examples of Climate Change, both express extremes.
And Climate Change is reality, and with us now, it seems.
But were we heading for an Ice Age? It could be one  was due.
And the picture of the frozen River Thames shows what Ice can do!
This was the eighteenth century, the river was frozen over
And so was the sea around the coast, in places such as Dover.
Fairs were held on the river for the ice was so thick and tough
That even fires couldn't melt it. They just weren't hot enough!
The Global Cooling continued for many, many a year
And a repetition of the ice is what some scientists fear.
On the other hand, Global Warming has produced the desert scene
Where crops are being planted and all the trees are green.
The increase in the temperature has brought about this change.
The Sahara wasn't always desert! Yes, I know that must seem strange!
But in eras when the world was warmer, deserts were fertile places,
Supporting many more people of the dark-skinned African races!
Now the greenery's creeping back again! Slowly bit by bit!
So if there's Global Warming some people are glad of it!
We must get rid of Poverty and Pollution; they must go.
As to the riddle of Climate Change I really just don't know.
But we shouldn't be too despondent; it's all occurred before.
Let's concentrate on that other scourge of humanity!
Let's end WAR!


geraldgee said...

I thought the Atom bomb would end war but alas it's just moved it into the streets.

Al said...

Valentine looks like a beautiful place. We'll either end war or end ourselves, there aren't any other options.

cat said...

Yes let's hope that people find a good place to live and that their dreams come true.
Valentine looks like a paradise.

I am home from my vacation in NY now. But my blog will probably have many pictures from there on it in the days to come.

Janneke said...

What a great place, nice photo ;o)

B i r g i t t a said...

Looks like a very nice place to live in and your life experience are exciting and great of you to share.
I would like humans to be more civilised - we are in 2010! No wars should exist neigbors shouldn't hate each other ... but that isn't how it is ...
Hope you have a nice weekend!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I remember Apartheid was the buzz word in the 70s, and now it is climate change.

I am glad you are in Valentine, and not in Soweto. Last night, our All Blacks played in Soweto.