Monday, August 16, 2010

Daylight Moon



Scarcely noticed in the winter sky
When all is clear and bright,
And the forecasts for the inland say
'There will be frost tonight'.
So small, so easily overlooked
In all that expanse of blue.
A half-moon, a little white snowball,
 Delicately cut in two.
At night the moon seems flatter
More like a disc of light.
The brilliance of its shining
Makes rotundity quite slight.
But see, here in the daylight,
Looking up from on the ground,
We see the moon is a perfect globe,
Most wonderfully round.



In the dark he touched her arm and said
'Every single night when we go to bed
It's the same old story, blanket-creep!
How am I ever going to get to sleep?
Night after night, it cannot be denied,
You roll over and drag things to your side.
You're curled up there, like a cosy little mole,
While I never seem to have the same control!
Look at me now! My right side's all exposed!
You're snoring and I haven't even dozed!
When first we married I was quite prepared
To tolerate the night-life that we shared.
I'd take the direction of the departing sheet
Moving over, and that was rather sweet.
It often resulted in a little cuddle,
Even though the bed was in a muddle.
But now that we've been married thirty years!
I tell you, dear, it's going to end in tears!
Right here and now I give my final warning.
I'm going home to Mother in the morning!'


Pie said...

Beautiful capture of the moon.

My Blue Monday.

Rebecca said...

I love your moon photo-I don't stop and think about it being there in the day! Happy Blue Monday!

SmilingSally said...

That bit of moon is peeking out of the intense blue sky.

Happy Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of the moon Mrs. B! I've taken quite a few like that, too. Always amazes me. ...Karen