Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reflecting on Netball.

                                 Press Photograph


Blatently stolen from the paper!
A rainy day and a netball caper!
It's Netball Day and, what a pain,
The heavens have opened! We've got rain!
Parents huddled from the storm,
Keeping dry and keeping warm.
Little girls in skirts of red
Tossing the netball overhead.
Looking at this scene I thought
'What a price they pay for sport!'
Then I looked and I had found
Reflections in the puddled ground.
Blogging came, at once, to mind!
'My' Reflections! What a find!


Sarsparilla's been a word that's always fascinated!
Although I hear that, now, the concept's really rather dated.
Growing up in England, I heard this Yanky word,
And I thought it was the most romantic name I'd ever heard!
I was drinking lemon juice or something else quite boring,
While, over in America, the populace was pouring
This wildly stimulating drink down each and every throat!
Oh how I longed to pack my bags and get on the next boat!
The very word rolls off the tongue in a manner so exotic!
Surely it held ingredients quite dangerously hypnotic!
Picture a grey mid-winter's day in a little British town
There's 'Rinkly' thinking of the drink, longing to gulp it down;
To be whisked away to join the Sarsparilla devotees,
Lounging in gay abandon underneath strange foreign trees!
With President Roosevelt looking manly standing at the tiller
Easing his tension with a handy glass of Sarsparilla!
With a young girl on a skyscraper wrestling a gorilla,
And winning easily every time she sipped some Sarsparilla!
With Raymond Chandler writing books, possibly a thriller,
Getting inspiration from a glass of Sarsparilla!
With Al Capone, a Mafia lad, but an efficient killer,
Demanding his favourite pick-me-up, gin and Sarsparilla!
What an exciting life they led on the other side of the ocean!
Merely thinking of it now fills me with deep emotion!
I want 'Pure Blood'! I want to feel as though I'm Phyllis Diller!
Transform my oh so humdrum life with a glass of Sarsparilla!


Jo said...

What a capture of the netball game, Brenda. I've never heard of Sarsparilla! Thanks for the brilliant second poem (as always both are excellent) Have a wonderful weekend.

maryt/theteach said...

Tyanks for your limerick, Brenda. Mad Kane has the meme!

Margaret Gosden said...

Netball: a variation of Basket ball, I wonder. The same might be asked of Rounders, a variation of Baseball? Which came first? Anyway, the latter are both national games of importance here, but one
(me) never hears that Netball and Rounders are
more than school age games. Tennis and Cricket and Football, oh yes!

James said...

I'm glad that you spotted the reflections. Rain can be a blessing in so many ways.
I've never heard of netball before.
.s. It took some time but I made it to your comment. I read every comment and do my best to reply.:)