Monday, August 9, 2010


(My mind was a blank when I read the meme 'Half-Way' and then I found this on Gerald Gee's blog!)


Half-way between the mountains
Half-way to the sky,
The centre-piece stands proudly.
And watches the world go by.


Margaret Gosden


The row-boat was where they had left it,
Beached by a rising tide.
By storms it was battered and broken,
An outcast, it lay on its side.
But the seagulls flew from the ocean
To wish it one last goodbye,
And the old boat rocked to the motion
Of sand and sea and sky.


linda may said...

2 perfectly lovely poems here Brenda. Lovely post.

Lo said... visited me a while back and I returned the visit but dropped the ball......I think we have a lot in common and hope for more contact....for instance.......I just left Geraldgee a rave about that painting.....I am nuts about it.....shall we try to outbid each other?
Love, Lo

Old Egg said...

The Halfway painting was terrific and I really loved the Driftwood poem.

George S Batty said...

enjoyed the paintings and the poetry...thanks

RiikaInfinityy said...

Double fun and beautiful wonders! =D Great work, Brenda :) I really enjoyed both of them, thank for sharing^^~

Marsha said...

love that picture; another desire of mine, painting. lovely writing.

Jenny said...

I love that top illustration. Really perfect.