Sunday, August 15, 2010




Was there ever an inception as inceptional as this!
Certainly a 'kiss of life' and what an explosive kiss!
I'm speaking of The Big Bang, the beginning of it all.
When a little dot incepted itself into a great big ball
Which grew and grew and grew and grew (and they say it's growing still
For after all there's still a lot of empty space to fill!)
Was there really a deity holding that tiny dot
Thinking to himself  ' Oh dear! Shall I or shall I not
Start this great inception? Shall I light the fuse?
Wait a bit or let it go? Which one shall I choose?'
And did he decide to let her rip and start the great inception,
Sending all the building blocks flying in every direction?
I'll never know the answer to this curious circumstance;
Was there a mind behind it or was The Big Bang merely chance?


Heaven must be blue and sunny
Except the evenings, which are pink.
All is sweet, as sweet as honey,
Very charming I should think.
Even though it's heavenly
No Heaven, thanks a lot, for me!



vivienne blake said...

That's a real firecracker of a poem - the best explanation of creation that I have read!

Elizabeth said...

all of those words, ideas, images, ending in that one unanswerable question. Love it,


Tilly Bud said...

What a jolly poem! I love this line:

When a little dot incepted itself into a great big ball

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done....thanks for sharing this