Friday, August 13, 2010

Rusted Remnant


(A cinquain)

Ancient technology.
Twisted, ugly, discarded.
Yet tinted by time.


(Ode to a discard!)

Spatula! Spatula!
Now that you've gone,
There's nothing to do
But to look back upon
A life-time of cooking
With you close at hand.
You've slipped through my fingers
Like hour-glass sand!
Oh I could buy metal
All shiny and bright
Or something in plastic,
Red, blue, green or white.
I could buy very carefully,
Down at the store,
I could get something clever
To match my decor.
But would any new spatula
Have the same feel
As an old shabby implement,
Now down at heel?
Thirty years of good service,
And thousands of dishes.
Now you go on your way
With my very good wishes.
Spatula! Spatula!
This is goodbye
As you head for that kitchen
Way up in the sky


Jinksy said...

Hope you put your link into Magpie Tales for the cinquaine, and hopefully a link into a cookshop for a new spatula! Aahh - I know what you mean about old implements feeling right. I had passed down to me a tablespoon that had belonged to my Gran - if not her gran- that had stirred so many pots, it was worn down to an angle across its top. I was very sad at its disappearance after some visitors to my kitchen seem to have thrown it away by mistake with some rubbish. At least, I can't think they'd have wanted to steal it! :)

annell4 said...

I liked what you wrote. Thank you.

cosmos cami said...

Haven't seen cinquain since jr high.

Helen said...

Your cinquaine is beautifully composed ....

Annie Jeffries said...

Love the old remnant. When new, it was just utilitarian. Old, it is aged and beautiful.

Tess Kincaid said...

Wonderful cinquain, Brenda!

ninotaziz said...


Your cinquain left me slightly breathless. Great post!

I just love poetry that takes you on straight on.

Kavita said...

That's an entire story in such few words!
Ancient, but still running!!! Great Magpie!

Tina said...

Loved your cinquain. I had totally forgotten about that style since high school...nice reminder, in a great magpie. Loved you spatula poem, too. It's hard to give up the old trusted and true isn't it?