Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue Blowers

                                         Local Press

(And a clasher)

I ask myself a question...
What music do they choose?
Surely that must be obvious!
They're going to play The Blues!


(Thinking of Pakistan.)

The frequency of disaster! The anguish is too much!
The people have to cope with hunger, mourning, pain and such.
But homelessness is something that can surely be put right;
Though even with housing such as this, nothing works overnight!
This eco-friendly design looks great, though I don't know much about it.
But for certain living in such a 'tent' is better than living without it.
Any survivor would be glad to reside in here awhile,
Until they were able to dry their tears......
And smile.

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SmilingSally said...

(chuckle) Good one.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda! Check out my book giveaway.