Monday, August 16, 2010

The Yellow Arm of the Law!

                                                                     Press Photograph

"Allo! Allo! Allo!" That's what British Policemen say
When coming upon villainy during their working day.
This copper's wearing bright and sunny yellow,
But I would say he's not a sunny fellow!
I would say he looks unhappy, and the 'Clown's' unhappy too.
The latter's a Protester doing what Protesters do.
Was he/she obstructing traffic or shouting naughty phrases?
Or frightening the horses or trampling on the daisies?
Was the protest about armaments or the rising price of meat?
I only know this Clown's unlikely ever to 'cop it sweet'!
I only know that, at this moment, the mood is simply rotten.
Let's hope that, by tomorrow, it will all have been forgotten!


(An Acrostic)

Boys grow up to be strong men;
Reckless and riotous now and again!
Other men are deemed their 'mates';
'Thick as thieves' the description states!
Hostilities find men combined;
Eventually, they bond, we find.
Ribald jokes and caterwalling!We
Heaven help us! It's appalling!
Old men still think back with pleasure
On their days of fun and leisure.
Dad, though old, pontificates
About adventures with his mates.


We went round to Greg's new house yesterday. We haven't been there often as we see the boys three times a week anyway at our house. Our chief purpose  was to deliver the new mower which we've bought them as a new-house gift. We were interested to see the new carpeting and colour schemes. The little boys have great accommodation.

Max and Harry's bedroom.

And their playroom.

Here are Greg and his Dad sorting-out a problem with the pool-gate.


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Aussie men, big and strong and macho.
My Aussie brother tells my son to play rugby and soccer roo, don't be a sissy that the football players.

Ricepatty said...

Max and Harry sure have nice digs!

Kim, USA said...

Oh is this guy busted? Happy Monday!
Blue Monday

Stephanie V said...

I enjoyed your rhyme today.

The new house looks lovely and airy. Should be nice with the pool, too.

Raheel said...

i like the corny but sweet, very nice.