Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eye Spy!


An all-seeing eye of a brilliant blue
Looking at you! Looking at you!
A very curious constellation,
Giving rise to consternation!
But I'm not certain the image is true!
Looking at you! Looking at you!
I refuse to be too receptive;
Modern photography is deceptive.
I feel the image has been revised;
Digitaly digitised!
Please will someone prove me right
Or I'll be Googling this all night!


(An Acrostic)

Meanings tend to be obscure
Often leaving us unsure.
Upside-down and inside-out,
Too often leaving us in doubt.
Here we see a great example
Which is just a random sample!
Actually watering with a hose
That orifice beneath the nose!
Excellent! Language in reverse!
Reality can be a curse!
It behoves us to use our minds
Noting meanings of different kinds.
Get out of the rut of uniformity!
Fun is found in nonconformity!


geraldgee said...

Think it's Birds Eye....(Groan)

geraldgee said...

Amended....Could be a BIRDS eye?