Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a Path



Rebecca, she's my daughter, a mother and a wife,
Often congratulates herself on having a lovely life.
And this view is one of the reasons she is so gratified.....
The view is very near her home; only a short car-ride.
She drives down here in the morning, to a house you cannot see,
Where she works in a private office, a stone's throw from the sea.
She hears the bellbirds 'ringing' as she taps on her computer!
Isn't she a lucky one, to find a job to suit her!


My poetic form can appear a curse.......
Trivialising. And, what's worse,
Seeming to ego-wise, pretend
That I can even think to send
A message out to everyone,
A serious message and not fun.
But please click on the address below!
What you find will surely show
That the power of the internet is strong,
And has the strength to right a wrong.
If only one of you reacts,
As I know you will to the awful facts....
If I can only make one hit,
I'll feel that I have done my bit.


Margaret Gosden said...

Alas, the link you give no longer exists, or so it says!
If, as I recall, it was the rime about the woman who was to be stoned for infidelity. Was she, in fact, stoned, I wonder?

Julie said...

Your daughter is very lucky to have a job so very close to home. Maybe lucky is not the right word. She probably searched high and low for just the right thing for her. I would love to live somewhere like that ... if money were no object.

Sylvia K said...

How very fortunate your daughter is! And what a lovely place to work! Great post for the day, Brenda! Hope you have a lovely week!