Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crystal Ball


A shopping-centre whimsy captured on a whim!
A mirror in a shop-front, itself quite dull and dim.
The mirror showed the world outside, the people coming, going;
The colours and the bustle and the to-ing and the fro-ing.
But it couldn't catch the chatter and the clatter and the hum;
It was as though our wordly world were suddenly struck dumb.
And I saw it as a crystal ball, the future represented,
When all our wild consumerism, brash and quite demented,
Is in the past and we are just a blip in history,
And not the stuff of living, vital familiarity.
And it seemed I heard the silence even as I saw the whirl
Of passing woman, husband, child, teenager, little girl.
And the silent sphere will still spin on, with no-one to recall
The busy shopping-centre I saw in my Crystal Ball.


'Green Vegetation'. That's a phrase that brings to mind tall trees,
With trunks and branches and bright leaves all blowing in the breeze.
But Beach Regeneration brings a rather gentle sort of green,
One that's often overlooked, from a distance quite unseen.
Here there's a drama going on, an invasion, nothing less!
'Beating Back the Bitou Bush!'
Doesn't that impress?
Read of all the hours of work that have gone into this 'war'
To make the beach Australian as it always was before.
Our city owes a great deal to such tireless volunteers,
Who have been 'greening' our beaches not for days but years!


Margaret Gosden said...

I do love to hear the volunteerism that goes into
keeping the landscape green and flowering, wherever!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

This is a crystal ball alright for the shop owner. He can see if anyone is shoplifting.

Cezar and Léia said...

bonjour Brenda
I like a lot your idea of the crystal ball and creative post!
Happy weekend,
Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg