Sunday, August 8, 2010


I enjoy nights of dreamless sleep;
I sleep sound and I sleep deep.
But a lullaby's part of my routine,
That's how it has always been.
And my lullaby is the BBC;
My own accent appeals to me!
All I listen to is the News,
Plus discussions and peoples' views!
Music I find too disconcerting;
Too many memories, some hurting!
But droning voices talking about
War and grief and pain and doubt
I find just lull me off to sleep,
More efficiently than counting sheep!
I lie there, sheet tucked under my chin,
Learning of what a mess we're in!
Troubles here and troubles there,
Starving people, cupboards bare,
Trickery and the Credit Crunch!
Gosh! We are a nasty bunch!
I should be jerked awake by grief!
But all I feel is great relief
That I am warm, safe and well-fed
Not marked by hunger and by dread!
I listen-in to the wide world's woes
And, gradually, I start to doze!
I wake at seven, the radio
Is still hard at it, blow by blow,
While I've slept like a little baby!
I ask I odd?


Freddy saw a tasty blonde on his way home one night.
And humanity persuaded him to ascertain her plight!!
She was standing on the pavement watching traffic passing by,
And as he slowed down near her she looked him in the eye.
'Hop in!’ he said; and so she did without a why or wherefore,
And Freddy never thought to ask what she was standing there for!
Although he had a feeling that the evening would be great
He thought it wise to chat a bit and didn't hesitate.
'So what do you do for a living?' he asked her most politely,
He knew it must be something that she had to work at nightly.
'I work as a magician' said the blonde with a little smile.
So Freddy thought he'd take a chance; give her magic tricks a trial.
It was then she proved her ability; she could do magic well.
For, when she touched him on the knee, he turned into a motel!

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Lindsey said...

Thanks for participating in the prompt this week! I think so many people use some kind of noise to fall asleep to. I have to have the fan on. Great fun poem.