Monday, August 2, 2010

I'd Like to Thank.....


I'd like to thank the Chance Encounter that brought me into being!
A creature that's been walking, singing, laughing, crying, seeing
For nearly eighty years, and hopes to live a good few more!
Before another chance encounter finally slams the door.
Of all the sperms and all the eggs washing-around back then!
Of all the genes that make our kind women or, maybe, men!
Of all the tragedies occurring after we're conceived!
Of all the life that gets snuffed-out and cannot be retrieved!
Of all the accidents of birth that mean a life is marred!
Of all the terrible incidents that mean a life is scarred!
Of all....... there are so many ways I could have been switched-off!
War, and accident, and crime and even whooping-cough!
Yet here I am, surviving and not yet even tottery!
Yes, I've been lucky. Thank you Chance! I think I've won the lottery!


Does seven dollars count?
Have I now done my dash?
When I hoped to win the Lottery
I meant a LOT of cash!
It should be called the Smallery!
When the prize one wins is small.
Seven dollars! Seven dollars!
Why, it hardly counts at all!
Have you ticked me off your list?
Am I counted as successful?
This wondering whether I'm in or out
Is positively stressful!
I knew I'd 'win the lottery';
I felt it in my bones.
And I'm not the sort of misery
Who sits around and moans!
I'm very, very grateful!
Yes, I mean it, it's a thrill.
But I sort of hoped for better
When they opened up the till.
Seven MILLION was the figure
That I kind of had in mind.
No! I'm really VERY grateful!
You've been very very kind!
I admit I thought of Paris
Or a little deep-sea yacht,
But I'm thoroughly delighted
With the little bit I got!
Yves Saint Laurent would have clothed me!
I'd have bought the Taj Mahal!
But I just won seven dollars!
How disgustingly banal!
Seven thousand would have paid for
Maybe minor luxuries.
But if it's seven dollars
Well, that's just the way it is.
But I am a little worried
That I've missed my only chance,
And that Fate and Fickle Fortune
Won't give me a second chance!
Seven dollars! It's a pittance!
It will barely buy a Coke!
And if you think that is funny,
Well, I don't care for the joke!
Sorry! Sorry! That was nasty!
I know you did your best.
But now I've got the seven


Old Egg said...

We just don't give that chance encounter enough credit for our lives do we? We even have the audacity to think we are in control!

Great poem for reflection.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Hard to credit we are the result of an egg and sperm race.

Marsha said...

chance encounters, so true, claimed others 'at their time?', and I managed to dodge several others. I love your writing.

George S Batty said...

win a long healthy life in one and 7 dollars in the other. You have won the best lottery and the money would send off on a trip and then we would not have any more good rhymes to read.

Linda May said...

You are a clever writer. I enjoyed your post.