Sunday, August 22, 2010

So Little Done!



The words in blue are the last words of Cecil John Rhodes.

So little done, so much to do!
The hours in every day too few!
My list grows long and ever longer!
If only my will-power were much stronger!
'I'll write some letters'...that's the plan
But then I see dust on the fan!
'I'll do some dusting!'.....then I look
And see the cover of a book!
'I'll read a book!..... then I feel tired!
I'll lie down till I feel inspired!
I wake! 'I'll make a cup of tea!.....
Then another meme I see!
'I'll do some blogging!'......telephone!
So hours are spent on a friendly moan!
'Discipline yourself!' I cry
As another hour goes by!
It's evening now! 'I'd better cook!'...
But no! I browse through the cookery book!
There's only time to prepare a snack
Before the man of the house comes back!
'I'll look busy!'....... the cutlery drawer!
I'll tidy it! No time for more!
I scatter cutlery on the table
And look as exhausted as I'm able!
'What a day I've had! See! I've Spring-cleaned!
I've been working like a fiend!'
But he looks round (just like a man)
And says 'I see dust on the fan!'



The opposite of high is low
And the opposite of fast is slow,
But the opposite of octopus
Is something I don't know.

The opposite of hot is cold
And the opposite of young is old,
But the opposite of octopus
I never have been told.

The opposite of day is night
And the opposite of wrong is right,
But the opposite of octopus
Is something I can't write.

The opposite of go is stay
And the opposite of work is play,
But the opposite of octopus
I really cannot say.

The opposite of thin is fat
And the opposite of this is that
But the opposite of octopus?
What are you getting at?

The opposite of me is you
And the opposite of false is true,
But the opposite of octopus?
I haven't got a clue!

I really feel it isn't fair
That you ask me all this what and where.
If you want to know the opposite of octopus,
Google it!


Nanka said...

Must be happening to a lot of people..."So little done; So much to do..."
Nice poem!! Good rhyme..and beautifully simple...
Loved it.

vivienne blake said...

Your So little done poem is me to a T: I spend all day messing about with poems on the computer....

And the second one is great fun.

Vinay Leo R. said...

LOL Rinkly :D that poem was awesome.. simply flowed like a charm, and happens to me too, well not in housework, but I want to do one thing, get distracted by a hundred other :D

LOVED IT.. welcome to LOL too :D

Jenn Jilks said...

With kids and grandkids visiting I needed a break at my computer to sit and catch my breath! Good job!

Aoife.Troxel said...

Loved the so little done poem, the end was hilarious. I know how it feels!
And the opposite of octopus...I had never wondered, but now I do. The opposite of octopus...hmmm

Whitesnake said...

The first one was the best we all can relate.......OH Yeah!

RiikaInfinityy said...

Excellent and amusing, thank for sharing=D

K said...

Ah yes. I can see it now...a woman's work is never done and yet time don't stop for anyone.

I like this poem of yours a lot.

I say this one a lot:
'Discipline yourself!' I cry
As another hour goes by!

Judith C Evans said...

I love the first poem, especially the last two lines, lol! I'm sure we can all relate! You've got me curious now...guess I'll have to Google "opposite of octopus". :) This is my first Carry On Tuesday, and I'm glad I visited your blog.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Ohmigawsh! The old "Dust on the fan!" comment. ^Rolling my eyes^

Fantastic poem! LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

Cute and clever. I liked them both. you got a laugh out of me!

KB said...

Very good. The dust on the fan comment sounds just like something my ex-husband would say.

Mine’s here.

Pan said...

"So little done" made me smile - I bet you could have been talking about SO many of us! I for sure identified with your words. :-)

Nice writing and thanks for making me giggle!