Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shadow Times Two


Until I started blogging I never really thought
About the shapes of shadows and the pleasure that they brought!
A shadow was a shadow....... there was nothing more to say.
But the world of memes has made me look at life in a different way.
Here, in the corner of a restaurant I saw a duplication!
The reflection of a shadow! An identical creation.
My eyes keep darting here and there to see what I can see!
My friends think I've gone bonkers!
I hope you don't agree!


Way, way back when time was young,
And proper pretty tunes were sung,
My husband always used to say
'There's no-one on earth like Doris Day.'
I envied her hair, so blonde, so sleek,
Her upturned nose and her downy cheek,
Her perfect teeth so straight and white,
Her big blue eyes so shiny bright,
Her engaging look, that tomboy charm,
Those freckles, straight from a dairy farm....
I could go on and on about her.
How did he manage to live without her?
I was second best, a poor man's choice.
And I hadn't even got a voice!
And she was so 'wholesome'! (Well, so was I
But only because men passed me by!)
Now I'm elderly.......poor old me.
But, hallelujah! SO IS SHE!!!!


keiths ramblings said...

I'll be looking out for shadows tomorrow - if the sun shines!

Maude Lynn said...

"Doris" is hilarious!

Jo said...

Hi Brenda, I agree, blogging makes a person take notice of everything around you.Good Shadow poem and photo. I also love your Doris poem. I grew up with her too, and yes, we all become elderly even though my children look at me in horror when I say this!

Hey Harriet said...

Nah, you're not bonkers! :)

Sorry Mr Linky was hiding when you visited. He does that sometimes. I've entered your link. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

jlshall said...

Wonderful shadow shot! You just never know where you'll find some really great shadows - like these!

Happy Sunday! from Joy @ Joysweb

Cassie said...

Love the double ShadowShot and especially your poem that accompanies it! Had to LOL at your DorisDay poem. I always loved her and in my fondest of dreams wanted to BE her. Alas, I too am the poor man's Doris. hehe. Have a great week ahead.