Monday, August 23, 2010



The Dentist was astounded when a couple bounded in!
The husband said 'How soon to pull a tooth?'
The Dentist said 'Well, anesthetic takes a while to work;
I must allow for that and that's the truth!'
'Forget the anesthetic!' the husband brusquely said;
'Don't worry if you cause a lot of pain!
We're off on holiday today so please don't hang about!
Quick as you can! We dare not miss the train!'
But sir!' the Dentist remonstrated, 'Think about the roots!!
Extraction pain is really very great!'
'Just do it!' said the husband 'Don't be worried if it hurts!
I tell you, man, be quick! We can't be late!'
'Let me congratulate you' the startled Dentist said;
'You're the bravest chap I've met in all my life!'
'Brave? What's brave about it?' the husband chortled then.
'I'm not the one with toothache!
It's the wife!'
(An Acrostic suggested by Acrostics Only)

A man whose brain is full of air
Is not, it seems to me, 'all there'.
Research into his mental state
Has us believe it's not too great.
Even so, a feeble mind
As we have found, can be quite kind.
Devilish deeds are done, it's true,
By people with a high I.Q.!


Winifred said...

Great poem that.

I know the feeling about worrying about teeth and holidays, mine not my husbands! However a few years ago he had horrendous toothache on holiday I did feel sorry for him. He always gets check ups but this one just came out of the blue and he didn't want to go to a foreign dentist. It cost a fortune for strong painkillers in Greece.

eileeninmd said...

What a great poem,you are very talented with words.