Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Me Of Little Faith

Topic: Faith.


I am living without faith. Does that sound depressing?
I don't believe in anything, that's what I'm confessing.
When, in my teens, I sat, one day, all dutiful, in church,
Faith flew out the window! But I'm not left in the lurch!
My problem with religious faith is that human beings preach it!
If God were utterly obvious no-one would need to teach it!
I made up my mind, in those early days, that I would pay no heed
To what came from a human source, whatever might be the creed.
I would just believe what I can hear and see and smell and touch!
And, honestly, I've got along just fine. Does that shock you too much?
For one thing, take Eternal Life! I think that's horrifying.
I'll have no expectations at the moment of my dying.
I will never be 'rewarded' so I'm not wracked by guilt.
I am very far from perfect but it's only 'milk that's spilt'.
But I worship LIFE for that's all there is! At least, that's my belief.
Religions seem to add to the toll of pain and woe and grief!
Take the state of the world right now! How much better it would be
If the world cut-out religion and just lived faithlessly.

(Written in response to my friend, Margaret's, artwork.)

The ocean floor was shattered
By an earthquake beneath the sea,
And a miracle island surfaced
Where no island ought to be.
And a passing puffin saw it
And rejoiced in new-born land,
Which came to life in an instant
As if by a magician's hand.


Margaret Gosden said...

Pleasing to revisit after all this time! Thank you! That this little abstract so inspired this rime is amazing - when the artist says 'it is finished' another comes along and finds more to it to think about!

Old Egg said...

I loved the Volcano post and my mind immediately thought of Surtsey in the North Atlantic. Hopefully that new island is still there and puffins are rejoicing still.

Margaret Gosden said...

PS I have faith in faithless, too. Well said!

Jae Rose said...

Worshipping life is certainly the way to go, I agree! I thought the volcano poem illustrated that perfectly..we should all be like that little puffin! Jae

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I absolutely love your words in this poem, 'Oh me of little faith'. I can relate you well with your sentiments.
I have a poem on my blog page, which you may like to read. It is written in much the same vein as your poem. Mine is called Open Invitation.
Best wishes, Eileen

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the faithless piece - I too find error in human intervention...

Anonymous said...

yes, worship life. this is a very powerful and bold poem, especially the last line proposing a worldwide non-existence of religion. i do believe there would be more than a few nations that would fall under this pretense. great poem!

George S Batty said...

Always love to read what you write.
However, in this case I do not agree. But I can agree to disagree and enjoy your words because they are words that are written with courage and honesty.

Granny Smith said...

Oh ME of little faith! I can really relate to that, especially with reference to religious experience and any expectation of a life after my death. If I do have faith, it is in the wonderfulness (is there such a word?) of life here and now.

Deborah said...

I love the lightness of your writing while a point is being made, and I love the passing puffin, just lovely to say! :o)