Monday, August 23, 2010

Lantern Festival

The night lit up by glowing red.
A Festival of Lanterns in the city.
Transformation by candlelight.


'How old are you, Grandma?'
Zac was keen to know.
I suppose he saw me getting
Just a trifle grey and slow.
But I am of the old-school;
I never tell my age
And these days I am shyer still
Having reached a certain stage.
'I've no idea!' I answered,
Sounding a little curt.
The corners of Zac's mouth turned down;
I could tell that he felt hurt.
Then 'I know how to find out!'
The little fellow cried.
'I know where we have to look!'
He really glowed with pride!
'We'll look inside your panties!
Then we'll know your date!
You'll find your age is written there!
Mine say
6 to 8!'


Margaret Gosden said...

Funny! And with the 'smalls' being hung out to dry!

Anonymous said...

transformation by candlelight - love it

Jingle said...

I love festival of lanterns,
your words paint a lovely picture in my head.

Nimue said...

loved the haiku, enjoyed the poem ;)

Tilly Bud said...

Lovely haiku.