Saturday, August 28, 2010

High Sailing



Glass above and sails below
Shadow and sun combining.
Gentle movement, soft and slow
And a bright sun shining.
We were in Perth away to the west;
This was a bright Casino,
But we were happily having a rest
And drinking a Cappuccino.


How did we do our shopping before the mobile phone?
(Yes, 'you' call it something different, that I know.)
But, how did we do our shopping without a dialling-tone,
In those dark, dark ages not so long ago?
I pass them in the aisles with 'something' glued on to their ears,
A look of strain upon their youthful features,
And I hear them snarling ' Make your mind up! Lemonade or beers?'
And my heart goes out to these poor anguished creatures.
'They haven't got the small size!'
'No! It's quite another brand!'
'Well, how am I to know your Mother hates it!'
'They've got tomato-flavour!'
'Hell's Teeth! Can't you understand?'
'Who cares how highly Uncle Freddy rates it!'
'The round one or the square one?'
' Well, you bought that sort last week!'
'Check in the kitchen cupboard, on the shelf!'
'Well, strawberry's my favourite'.
'Do you only want one leek?'
'To hell with that! You do the job yourself!'
In the days before technology we sort of worked it out.
When we shopped, there wasn't one thing that we missed.
Life was simpler, faster, neater, and more restful, without doubt,
In the days when Mother had a SHOPPING LIST!


Unknown said...

Great shadow shot.

BLOGitse said...

Happy SSS from Casa!

jlshall (Joysweb) said...

Lovely shadow shot! And so true about shopping with mobile phones - I'd certainly be lost without mine (sometimes, literally).