Sunday, August 15, 2010




Look closely! It's a give-away;
It was taken in July.
Still don't get the gist of it!
Go on! Have another try!
'Well, of course' I hear you saying,
'I see people by the sea,
Enjoying themseves in summertime.
Looks pretty clear to me!'
Here, in the land of upsidedown
It's mid-winter in July!
This is a mid-winter shot!
Look at that blue sky!
It's something that we crow about;
The wind may be quite chill,
But it's warm enough for hardy types,
Who are out there surfing still.
And the give-away? That's the shadows;
They're very, very long,
Proving that the sun is low
And not, for Australia, strong. 
We feel our Winter, Autumn, Spring
Are really hard to beat.
We pay, of course, in the Summer,
With humidity and heat.


(A nonsense rhyme)

A Flib cannot digest it's food
Unless it's cut in pieces,
And then it likes to share the lot
With its nephews and its nieces!
They sit around the snipty trough
All wary with their flerkins,
And tuck their snops beneath their chins
So as not to stain their jerkins.
The flib takes out a snarping tool
To cut the plog in sections,
The juice runs out all zumpling goo
And flows in all directions.
The rudest niece cries out 'Me first!'
And the Flib gets quite irate.
'I'll podge your snup, you skiddy girl.
You've got to learn to wait!'
At last, all served, they grab their garks
And splug and squib and squeal!
Then, big and fat they all go 'Splat!'.
Oh what a lovely meal!



Christian said...

Wow...beach!Wanted be here someday! Great post for Shadow shot! Thanks for sharing...

Just followed you add me please?

See my entry on:

Hey Harriet said...

Nice one!

I added your link to Mr Linky earlier but as I was doing so the site went down again. So I'm not sure if it worked or not as the site has been down since...

Enjoy your weekend :)

Lighthousegal said...

Beautiful, beautiful picture. Hard to imagine it being cold in July, but still with that view, I would most likely be out on the beach taking in the view. Thanks for sharing.

wanderlust said...

Gorgeous beach, great rhymes too!

Anca Pandrea said...

I so want to go to the beach! I so so much want that!
Have a great week!

RNSANE said...

It always amazes me that you manage two poems when I can barely do one.