Sunday, August 29, 2010

Criminal Intent

The words in blue are from the Frank Sinatra song 'Something Stupid'
'I know I stand in line....'


I stand in line at the check-out in the old time-honoured way,
With money at the ready, which I'm prepared to pay.
I'm an upright citizen so I read all the signs,
And I always act accordingly, especially in lines.
I know society depends on customers like me
'Toeing-the-line' in every sense, when on a spending spree.
I know my little trolly is half-empty so I'm sure
I've only a few items, maybe eight or nine, no more.
I idly start to count them as the check-out hoves in sight
And I find out to my horror that my estimate wasn't right!
There are actually twelve items and the sign says 'Only ten!'
Inexorably I move on as the shoppers shift again!
Now I'm faced with a dilemma, should I now quit my spot,
Returning to the shelves the extra items I have got?
No! I'm going to be quite brazen! I'm a pensioner, foresooth!
Old people should have leeway (we can't count as well as youth!)
As I'm emptying my trolly I feel the gimlet eyes
Focussed on my purcheses! Have I been unwise?
A gentleman behind me clears his throat as if to say
'Just my luck to meet a crazy woman here today!'
The young person at the check-out, as she fiddles with the till,
Doesn't say a single word but, oh, if looks could kill!
I leave the store with head bowed, a blush upon my cheek.
I suppose I'll be forced to buy my things from another store next week!
Oh, you may laugh, and you may sneer! You may think my tale's a farce!
But after a blameless life I find I'm one of the criminal class!

(A Cinquain)


Deliciously brown.

Enticing, dripping, luxuriating.

Posing as a rose.



Gemma Wiseman said...

O the familiar supermarket drill so beautifully expressed! But I have to admit that my soul sings with your chocolate cinquain - "posing as a rose" is so romantic!

Elizabeth said...

I know the shopping line gig from old. But, am now on disability and use the battery operated carts. The difference in experience is amazing. There really are some perks in being disabled. And I'm with Gemma, the chocolate was delicious.


Claudia said...

oh you should see me smile - i loved your take on the prompt…and will always count very carefully now when i'm at a "ten items only" counter…
mine is here

keiths ramblings said...

Love it! I'm one of those grumpy old men who glare daggers if someone in front of me has more than 10 bits in their basket. Having said that I think that if I purchase a 'bogof' (buy one get one free) it should count as one item not two.

Anonymous said...

This chocoholic thanks you for the treat, and cheers you for your standing in line. Very amusing!

Robert Lloyd said...

Oh that confounded check out. I am a check out hypocrite though. I am angered by the oaf with 5 too many items but then the next day Im in there with 12 tring to sneak by lol. Thank you for sharing it made me smile.

Just Me said...

I love it!! The idea of being in that line with too many items is all to familiar to me. This made me smile!!

gautami tripathy said...

Loved that cinquain.

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